Sunday, November 26, 2017

Beer, bridges, fish & ships at Northcote Point

But not all in that order — the beer and chips came later at the Northcote Tavern — and the fish didn't come at all because Louis didn't catch any. A good turn-out for our sketch meet though, thanks to the great weather and Eric's excellent choice of Northcote Point — a great spot with views under the Harbour Bridge to the city. A couple of classic yachts came past too, Arcturus and the Ted Ashby, to add a bit of colour...

If you're ever in Auckland on the last Saturday of the month and want to come along, check out the Facebook page here for details.


  1. So envious -- this looks wonderful, Murray!

    - Tina (enjoying yet another cold, rainy day in Seattle)

    1. It's so good to be sketching in the warmth at last Tina. I think you need to plan a southern sketching trip to escape your winter!