Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Drawing Fire Engines

Last month the Wellington group met in a warehouse in Lower Hutt to draw Matt Silver's fire engine collection.  Matt is passionate about fire engines and has been collecting fire engines and fire fighting memorabilia for 35 years.  He recently decided it is time concentrate on other areas of his life and sell the lot.  Andrew, one of the sketchers in Wellington contacted Matt and arranged for us to draw them before they are sold.  It was interesting to hear Matt talk about his collection and decision to sell.  The days was sunny and Matt kindly parked two of his engines out in the sun out in front of the warehouse fpr us to draw.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon.  Thanks to Matt for opening up his collection to us and sharing his interesting story, and to Andrew for organising.  You can read more about Matt and his collection in a newspaper article here.

A lovely 1966 Commer rural fire engine.

1977 Dodge detail.

The groups efforts

Matt is the tall one in the black tee shirt and jeans.

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